Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Terms") outline Ever After Parties', our Employee's ("Cast Member") and your ("Client") rights. Within these Terms there is a list of requirements all Clients are required to abide by when using Ever After Parties' services ("Services"). By using our Services, the Client agrees to our Terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use our Services.


In order to use our Services, the Client is required to supply private information, such as: first & last name, address, child's name & age, email and phone number. When using our Services, all information supplied by the Client will be kept confidental and kept within the Company.


Once the Cast Member has performed and left the venue, no refunds of any sort will be given unless extreme instances have occurred. In the event of extreme weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen extremities, Ever After Parties reserves the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date.

In the situation that the Client's event must be rescheduled, the use of our Services may be postponed at no extra cost. Should the event need to be rescheduled any time after the first date change, the Client will be charged $20.00 per date change.

CANCELLATION (by Ever After Parties)
If an event is cancelled and the event cancellation is by Ever After Parties' decision, the Client will be offered an alternative date. Should the Client not wish to reschedule, the entire deposit will be refunded.

CANCELLATION (by the Client)
If an event is cancelled and the event cancellation is by the Client’s decision, the following statements apply:
• Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to your event, will result in a refund of the deposit ($50.00 handling fee deducted).
• Cancellations made 8 days or less prior to your event, will result in forfeiting the entire deposit ($100.00).


Upon placing a booking, the Client is required to pay an upfront deposit of $100.00*. The deposit is due within 48 hours after receiving your invoice. This deposit can be paid via bank transfer or through PayPal. If the deposit is not paid, the booking will be cancelled.

*All bookings made less than a week prior to the event require the payment to be paid in full upfront.

All remaining payments must be paid and finalised by the due date on your invoice (Monday before the party, or 5 days prior to the event if the event is on a weekday). If you wish to pay the remainder in cash on the day, the following applies:

• The remaining amount must be less than $120.00.
• Payments are required on arrival. If payments are not finalised within 10 minutes of the Cast Member's arrival, the Cast Member reserves the right to leave without any refunds.


By using our Services, we may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce the image and/or voice ("Media") of any person at the event hosted by the Client. We reserve the right to use any Media for marketing purposes.


We require that each party provides a power outlet (and extension cord if required), a chair for each Cast Member (both characters and attendants) and a table. These must be located in the party area. Cast Members must be shown the room they are to perform in and they will perform in that area for the duration of their stay. Do not make them move rooms as they cannot abandon their equipment. All animals/pets must be put away for the duration of our Services. On arrival, please ensure that the Cast Members are greeted by the Client without any children (this is to ensure the illusion isn't shattered). In the case that the Client does not answer the door, the Cast Member will ring the Client's contact number three times. If the door is not answered within 10 minutes, the Cast Member reserves the right to leave without any refunds.

INDOOR PARTIES: air conditioning (25° C or above) or a heater (18° C and below) must be provided to the Cast Members in uncomfortable weather conditions.

OUTDOOR PARTIES: a dry and shady environment must be provided to the Cast Members at all times. We do not perform on grass (fake grass is acceptable) as it damages our dresses and shoes. If rain occurs, the Client is responsible for arranging an indoor alternative or the entertainment will be cancelled without refund of deposit.


The Client must inform Ever After Parties of any allergies to food or products such as latex, acrylics, temporary tattoos or face paints prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the Client and all parents and guardians to inform Ever After Parties of any allergies and take the appropriate steps to avoid contact with such items. The Client understands that Ever After Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions to any costumes, cosmetics, accessories or any food and beverages not supplied by Ever After Parties, consumed before, during or after the party.


In the case that the client, a member of the client’s family, or a pet soils, stains or rips a costume in any way, the Client is responsible for compensating all costs to clean, repair or replace the costume.


If a guest invited to the party has lice or is ill (and highly contagious), we recommend having the guest not attend the party. Should a guest have lice, they cannot participate in make-over activities. If a child has a cold, we recommend the parent of the child to be wary of the child's actions to ensure that they do not spread the cold to a Cast Member or any other guests at the party.