Terms of Service
Corporate & Private Events

These Terms of Service (Corporate & Private Events) ("Corporate Terms") apply only when a corporate or private event is booked (exception of birthday parties). All policies mentioned in the Terms of Service (unless contradicted) still apply.


Once the Cast Member has performed and left the venue, no refunds of any sort will be given unless extreme instances have occurred.
In the event of extreme weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen extremities, Ever After Parties reserves the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date.

In the situation that the Client's event must be rescheduled, the use of our Services may be postponed at no extra cost. Should the event need to be rescheduled any time after the first date change, the Client will be charged $20.00 per date change.

CANCELLATION (by Ever After Parties)
If an event is cancelled and the event cancellation is by Ever After Parties' decision, the Client's entire deposit will be refunded.

CANCELLATION (by the client)
If an event is cancelled and the event cancellation is by the Client’s decision, the following statements apply:
• Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to your event, will result in a refund ($100.00 handling fee deducted).
• Cancellations made 8 days or less prior to your event, will result in forfeiting the entire deposit (25% of the total cost).


Upon placing a booking, the Client is required to pay an upfront deposit of 25% of the total cost. The deposit is due within 5 business days after being contacted by Ever After Parties to confirm the booking (via email). This deposit must be paid via bank transfer. If the deposit is not paid, the booking will be cancelled. All bookings made less than 10 business days prior to the event, or are of a total cost of under $250.00, require the payment to be paid in full upfront.

Payments must be finalised at least 7 business days prior to the event. Back-end payments are not accepted. If the payments are not finalised, the booking will be cancelled.


STAGED PERFORMANCES (packages that include singing)
The Client must supply a sound system with an aux cord (if the Services include a staged performance). We will supply the music (through the use of an i-Pod).

The Client must provide all necessary tables and chairs as Ever After Parties will not supply these for you.

If rain occurs and the event has been scheduled outdoors, the Client is responsible for arranging an indoor alternative or the entertainment will be cancelled without refund of deposit. In hot weather (temperatures exceeding 24° C), shade and water must be provided for the characters. In cold weather (temperatures below 18° C) an area shielded from the wind must be provided. The area that is provided for the characters must not be muddy or wet.

Venues must have air conditioning and the air conditioning must be set to a comfortable temperature.

Adequate and discrete parking is to be provided by the Client. One parking space for each Cast Member (Characters and Character Attendants included) is ideal.

The following policies regarding breaks apply to Characters only.
• Break time is not included in the total time of Services and are unpaid.
• Events less than three hours long do not require breaks. If an event is three hours long, a 15 minute break must be provided halfway through the event. For events longer than three hours, 10 minute breaks must be provided every two hours and a half hour lunch break must be provided half way through the event.
• If a given break is around lunch time, the break must be half an hour long. If food is not accessible without travelling further than five minutes away from the venue, the break provided must be an hour long.
• A private break area must be provided to the Cast Members. This break area must be out of sight, air coniditioned and have drinkable water avilable.


The Client understands that Ever After Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions to any costumes, cosmetics, accessories or any food and beverages not supplied by Ever After Parties, consumed before, during or after the party.


Character Attendants are required to ensure order and manage crowd control. The Attendant must stay with the Characters for the entire duration of the visit. The Client understands that they must also hire an Attendant if the package does not include one (one Attendant per every three characters). In the case that you predict an event with over 200 people, an extra Attendant must attend.